Wednesday at the Dream Center

Me and my Neia. She's my girl, I love her.

Lorri and Tevin riding the two-bootie bike. Yes, inside the recreation room, Lorri is such a rebel ;-0

Jillian posing by the rules board. Note she is sporting a house arrest ankle bracelet..

And today we got the special treat of having Parkview Baptist High School's base ball team come out to play some ball with the kids.

This is a couple of them (Tanner Schaffer is by the window, I used to change his diapers) killing time before we go outside by playing some air hockey with Robert and Rodrick..

Steele was showing them how to hit a home run.

Thanks Parkview ball players, your coach (I forgot his name) and Steve for coming out today and spending time with us.

You Rock!


Aimee Cait said…
I officially feel too grown up. I used to know / attend homecoming dances with a bunch of the Parkview baseball guys... but I don't even recognize any of them! Yikes.

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