The Story of Coffee

I am ordering this book for A..

I think it's destiny that the country we are adopting A from is also the birth place of coffee.

The Story of Coffee

The beans that a young Ethiopian shepherd boy brings home are too bitter to eat, but his mother discovers that after being roasted, they make a wonderful drink. This is the world renowned story of how coffee was discovered – the Ethiopian version. This children’s book is written in simple story like English, and Amharic. The illustrations are in the traditional Ethiopian style of painting.

About the Author Sultan Mohamed was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1962 but currently lives in Seattle, Washington. He received a BA of Fine Arts and currently teaches art in the Seattle Public School District. Sultan Mohamed’s work as been widely exhibited, and is in private and public collections in the US and Canada. In 1999 he was awarded the Robert Rauschenberg “Power of Art” teaching award.

Amharic Kids Review

There are few truly Ethiopian books in print and available to buy. This book is truly Ethiopian – the story and the art work. This would be a great book to read for a classroom presentation on Ethiopia.


Anonymous said…
Actually, I believe it was the people of Yemen who discovered you could "drink" the liquid.
Clay and I watched a whole show on the history of coffee and it said that the Arabs (in Yemen) were the first to brew it and drink it.
HOWEVER, they did "discover" the beans in Africa where (I guess Ethiopians) were chewing on them.

I don't know which version is right; this is just what we learned from a historical program regarding coffee.
Anonymous said…
Ok, Clay said it was Ethiopian goat herders who noticed that their goats would get hyper after eating from the plant. They began chewing on them for energy, but the development of the drink is historically attributed to the Arabs -- Specifically, Yemen.

I'm sure whoever wrote that is equally convinced they are right so now I will have to research it and find out the truth... because I'm a nerd and that's just how I roll. =P
Lesley said…
I'm just happy that SOMEONE discovered it!!!

Lesley :-)
Anonymous said…
wow, yes it must be destiny!

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