The Pallet

This is my kid’s favorite place to sleep in the entire house. Yes, it's a few comforters on the floor. It's by my side of the bed. The tradition in our house is that on the weekends Dean sleeps on the Couch and the kids sleep with me BUT only one can sleep in the bed so the other one sleeps on this pallet. No, they do not fight over who gets to sleep in the bed with me; they fight over who gets to sleep in the pallet. We had to make a rotating system to avoid conflict.

When A comes we will have him right here, not on the Pallet, I will put a mattress down there for him. I think it will a good for him to start off sleeping by us when he comes to this strange new land with a strange new family.

I have already informed Steele and Evangeline that this space will not be available after Al comes, at least until he gets attached to us. They are gracious about sacrificing the Pallet...for now.

The crazy thing is as a kid growing up, we were poor so I always slept on the worst beds. We had 50/50 poly cotton sheets that rubbed you raw and lumpy pillows. When I had Evangeline I was determined that she would have a great bed. I got her 100% cotton sheets, nice new pillows, firm comfortable mattress but look where she wants to sleep. Steele too, he has cool bunk beds (him and A will sleep on them) and all the same great bedding but he too would rather sleep on the hard pallet.

Looks like A will have the most coveted space in the house, good for him. I can’t wait.


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