I watched the coolest video on Donna Clyde's blog. It's really the audio of a sermon by Rick Warren and a slide show of pictures of different Orphans and families but the sermon is really good. I don't think I had ever heard Rick Warren speak before. This one was all about the command of God for us to take care of Orphans (James 1).

I thought about how blessed I am to be friends with so many people that are living out this command. Sure I don't know a huge amount of people who have adopted Orphans but I sure know a lot of people who are helping Orphans in one way or another.

That's what I think is so great about the body of Christ. We may not all be able to adopt but we can all do something to fulfill this command. If your church body funds a home for unwed mothers and you give to that body, then you are helping. If that body has an adoption ministry, then you are helping, if it has Care points in Africa, funds Orphanages in Cambodia and mentoring programs in the Inner city, you are helping.

Or just as an individual you can volunteer at a group home, send money to an Orphanage, help teen Orphans transition out of the Foster care system into adult life. Or even foster parent.

Really the possibilities are limitless.

There are people right now and in the past that have helped us with our adoptions and we could not have done it without them. They played a part in getting an Orphan into a family. That is huge. At least to me it is more then huge, it is how God is making our family.

What a blessing.

I do believe more people could and should adopt but I also believe more people could just do something and if we all did something it would change the world for these kids without parents.

God commands us too.


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