I like this article titled Some Republicans Emerge To Endorse Obama

You can read the whole thing HERE

but here's a quote I liked.

..People have asked, ‘How can someone who worked for Ronald Reagan support Barack Obama?’” Mr. Kmiec said in an interview. “And the answer is simple: Both are natural leaders and have a great gift for communicating. Ronald Reagan used to tell me that his greatest achievement was to make Americans feel good about themselves again. But there has to be a genuine reason to feel good about ourselves, which there hasn’t been in a while.”

Mr. Kmiec added that Mr. Obama “is calling us to what Ronald Reagan called us to, which is the better nature of our capacities and ourselves.”


Anonymous said…
That is funny. Ronald Regan and his deregulation of banks, mortgage companies and big business is the cause of the mess we are in now. Like I said, Obama can smooze with the best of them.
Is there any substance there. It's hard to tell with all the smooth talking going on. Love MOM
Anonymous said…
Obama is probably going to be our President because no one seems to care that him and his wife are racist. He belongs to a racist church. His wife has said she is ashamed of America. His preacher has said GD America. He has belong to that church for 20 years. You don't stay in a church that you don't believe in what they are preaching. Have we all been put into some kind of trace that we don't see this? Are we so desperate for someone of substance that we want to believe this man's spill. Wake up America he smell the Bull.
Anonymous said…
I think Obama is an eloquent and inspirational speaker. But I do not agree with his vision of healthcare, taxes, and the war in Iraq. I'm afraid that he will be soft or misguided with the religious fanatics that hate us and want to kill as many Americans as they can. Those people will always hate us as long as we are friends to Israel and as long as we don't worship Allah. Sorry. They are not going away. Thank God Bush has done what is right at the expense of his own historical legacy. He has done the nasty job that no one wants and, I'm afraid, Obama cannot or will not do. I'm going to look beyond the PR and propaganda and vote for McCain. I need someone to help my business and my children. I need experience, and I am not interested in socialism with cool new names. I want common sense, less government, lower taxes, strong defense.
Carole Turner said…
That's fine, we can just agree to disagree. You have the same opinion as 95% of the people I know and the same opinion I had for a long time. I just don't feel the same anymore.

I hope that's ok.
Anonymous said…
Of course it's ok! But I still haven't heard your opinion. And this is not bait. I mean it. I want to know what you think about the issues. I love you with all my heart. Nothing will ever alter that.

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