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Counting: Words For Numbers

Yesterday I posted numbers without words and my reasons for doing so were far less political and dubious than what some readers assumed.

I was simply counting.

The number of Americans who took the subway to work one September
morning and never rode it home. The number of soldiering sons and daughters,
friends, fathers and mothers whose chairs sit empty at kitchen tables today. The
number of men born into another belief, another politic, another tongue than my
own who’ve sacrificed all for a cause they thought just. The number of children,
men and women deleted in the crossfire.

Every face shaped by the fingers and thumbs of God. Every soul welcomed
by heaven but tethered here to flesh and flags. Every corpse a child once.
Raised on Al Jazeera or Sesame Street. Reared to salute a nation’s colors and
follow a holy book’s God/god. Fighting for friends or anger, freedom or justice
or revenge, college tuition or eternal life. Buying fish at the market or
waiting to use the copy machine. Every one a person - a child once. A child of
God always.

When children die - even grown up ones - they deserve to be counted.
They are the image of God. We are all conduits through which God drips His
illuminating stilling character into our dark bustling sliver of space and time.
We all matter. We are all counted.

God has fingers enough for this. Do we?

Have we spent all our fingers counting the reasons we’re right, the
unjust acts of the enemy?
I hope not.

Count with me. Because every person matters. More than whatever else we
could be counting today.


Anonymous said…
OK, Sue. You must tell me why you think the war in Iraq is unjust. I'll probably disagree, but I want to hear (or read) how you have changed your mind on that and other things. If you think it will be too provocative, just email me. Of course, nothing gets the site meter going like a little contoversy...The girl on the grave. I was her.
Lil Stinky E said…
Well, it's like I said in the post "Jingoist" it all really started with my study of Tolkien and Lewis. I know that sounds crazy but it's where I can trace it back to.

I just have read so much in the last couple years about war, from a biblical perspective and I feel that scripture makes a strong case for not going to war much more then for going to war.

But even more then that is just my life now. For almost 2 years now I have been spending around 20 hours a week with people from the Inner city. I am now immersed in their world so I see things very different then I did when I only looked from Suburbia.

It really is too long to go into but I really have documented my transission here on the blog over the last two years. I mean, the fact that I like Obamah says volumes I think.

When are you coming to town again? If it's after May 25th we can discuss all this over a glass of wine :-)
Anonymous said…
ok, that was me, Carole, commenting not Evangeline, I didn't see that she was signed in not me :-)
Anonymous said…
Evan wants to go to the LSU football camp in June, so probably then. I am really missing home.
Anonymous said…
Carole, This is MOM. Please think about Obama carefully. He is a freshman in politics. I know people like him because he is for CHANGE, which is well and good. I don't think he understands what he is in for if he becomes President. He is very karismatic, and talks a good game, but I haven't heard him really give us any solutions. He worries me, but if the Lord puts him in the office, there is a reason. I will not be voting for him. I will have to vote McCain. He understands if we withdraw now from Irac, we are in big trouble in the USA. I know young people don't understand the consequences now, but they will feel them later.
I hate this was but politics is what is killing our boys. Send all we have over there and whip some butt and then get out. Withdrawing troops just gets more killed. Love MOM
Anonymous said…
Hey, MOM again. I went thru Vietnam. I was young and idealistic. I protested the war. I was wrong. It only got more of our boys killed because they would not send enough in or bomb where they needed to bomb because it was unpopular. We were there because of OIL and we are in Irac because of OIL. It isn't right but it is fact.
Anonymous said…
I agree with MOM 100%. Honestly, I could not say it better. (But if thisthread gets going, I may have to!) Love.
Carole Turner said…
I'm not taking the bait.

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