More wrecked every day

I watch the video everyday of A. I am trying to get to know our new son from a 20 minute video.I watch him sit and look at the photo album we sent him. I watch him wave at the camera and walk back to the couch. I study his manerisims and reactions to different things. It is a very odd thing.

That book "There is no me without you" really messed me up. I was already wrecked for the Ordinary but now, it's just so much worse. God is preparing our family for the next level. Only in our case the next level will probably not look like you would imagine when saying words like "next Level".

I keep hearing what Alliece Cole said to us, how we would touch those no one wanted to touch, go places where no one else wants to go. It spoke to me then and still does. Everything she said goes right along with the direction God is taking us.

Could we end up in Ethiopia? Maybe Swaziland? What is going on with all this Africa stuff? It's crazy but I know it's leading to something, I just have no idea what.


Amanda said…

Any way that you can post that video of Abel? I'd love to see what you're talking about... if not, no worries!

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