Hug ME Lil stinky E!!

I love this picture. Vince just sent it to me. Look at my girl, hasn't bathed in 13 days and having fun with it while raising money for her Dad to go on a missions trip.

Unfortunately it's not always fun. I am beginning to realize we are in the midst of a very profound social experiment as well as a memory making missions trip fund raiser.

Last night E got in the car and said "this not bathing is not fun today. Some of my friends wont hug me and I like to be hugged."

Jesus would hug a girl that hasn't bathed in 13 days...

Our son A and his house mates at the Foster home that he lives in in Ethiopia, have never used a tooth brush and before coming to live in the Foster home, had never seen a bar of soap much less bathed or showered like we know it. So, Evangeline will be able to sympathize with him a little.

Evangeline visited with a 16 year old homeless girl last Thursday. She lives under a bridge with three men. Evangeline said she was beautiful. That girl doesn't have a shower under the bridge.

So, in our conversation last night we talked about how God is using this time to teach all of us a little more about loving, accepting and hugging people that society doesn't. A lot of really great people do hug her, she gets lots of support and she loves it, it really does encourage her but Like E said on her video from yesterday, She will hug the homeless people more now, cuz' she is feeling the sting of people who are supposed to be her friends NOT hugging her. She said "the homeless people need to be hugged even more then me".

Jesus touched a Leper, much worse then a non bather..


Stone Mantels said…
Hey Carol, Funny that E mentioned the girl under the bridge. Everyone saw her at the homeless breakfast, but until we all saw her under the bridge with some men, it did not sink in that she was so young and on the streets. Just this morning we contacted Charity about her and really need to pray that God opens her heart to receive help. She has been kicked out of some programs and was in jail for 2 months before being on the streets. She seemed so at peace which made it seem so much more odd. I am hoping that Charity can make contact next week.
AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Wow!!!!! I am so honored to even know you Evangeline!! You are the most awesome young lady I know! I can't wait to see you so that I can give you a BIG hug!!!!! :) i have to give the credit also to two awesome parents who have evidently instilled some amazing God values!
Anonymous said…
I would hug my beautiful grandaughter all the time if I could, dirty or clean. I love you. Keep up the good work. Take care of those eyes. Hugggggs & Kisssses! Love GranMa

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