Lil Stinky E

NOT bathing for Africa

This is me, Evangeline Turner all clean by Africa cookies and an Africa cake I made.

Soon I will not be clean and it will be for a good cause.

Because my dad, Dean Turner is going to Swaziland Africa on a missions trip with Sports Ministry to help the new HPC Campus get set up there.

They help Orphans there through that campus and Children's Cup. I love all the Orphans in the whole world and I want to help them so now I can do that through my dad going there to help.

My dad needs $3800.00 to do it.

SO I have decided to ask YOU to sponsor me NOT to bath!

That's right. I am gonna stink!

If you go to
HPC you will remember that I got $45.00 for not bathing for three days and especially for not bathing after I was baptised in the duck-poop filled pond behind HPC.

HERE to read all about that on my moms blog.

After that we were talking to Pastor Johnny Green about it and he said I should use that as a fund raiser. I think he was just joking But we all thought that was a good idea.

So, I figured I could ride that "she's the girl that didn't bath" fame and use it to raise money for my dad to go on this missions trip.

I think Jesus would really like this idea, I hope He is happy with it and I hope he gets YOU to sponsor me.

This is how it will go;

Sunday March 16th I will take a shower and get all clean,

He has to have $1200.00 by April 15th (then I can bathe)
then $1000.00 by May 6th ( I will get to bathe again)
and another $1300.00 by June 10th (I will go back to bathing again)

So, you could like sponsor me for $1.00 a day, or $100.00 a day or just one amount for that time. Which ever you want.

Get it? Kinda confusing but like a game.

I could get really stinky. There will be 30 days between March 16th and April 15th, 21 days between that and May 6th and 35 days between that and June 10th!!! That's a long time not to bathe. Good thing I am home schooled and my mom can't smell. Bad thing for the people I sit by at Pathfinders and Old school.

My mom said after a couple weeks people will be throwing money at me TO bathe :-)

You know we just found out that my new brother A that we are adopting from Ethiopia, never even saw a bar of soap until he got to the foster home and he has still never used a toothe brush, so I will be able to kinda relate to him a little bit.

I just pray you will want to help me too and sponsor me NOT to bathe.

So E-mail me and let me know how many days, and the amount of sponsorship I can put you down for.

I will also be telling you all about my experience not bathing on my blog @

I will go ahead and thank you now for helping and tell you God bless you.

Love (soon to be) Lil Stinky E


Lesley said…
What an incredible child you and Dean have. She makes me get all teary eyed all the time!! I'm gonna email her and let her know that my boys will sponsor her!! I wish I could do the $100 a day part, lol, but every little bit will help!!

Lil E - You are such a blessing to your parents and to our God!! He has to be so thrilled to see you working so hard for Him and for His kingdom!! You ROCK!!!

Love ya!
Lesley :-)
Donna said…
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HerstoryGirl said…
Yeah, I'm kind of thankful for the mere 1.5 miles between us now... LOL!

Count me in, but I will contact you privately about the amount.

Oh, and I think it's great that you credit PASTOR JOHNNY GREEN with this awesome idea! ROFL!
I think that, in itself, is just hilarious.
Good luck, Evangeline!

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