After Elevate last night I just knew I had to tell the world of two people I feel have missed their calling in life. One, Steve Ware, no he wasn't at Elevate last night but he did do some MC work at the Elevate retreat in January but the other person who missed their calling is Paul Barry, he was at Elevate and taught us some Creation vs Evolution.

They both are actually comedians but are not living that calling.

Paul Barry is the funnier of the two. I seriouly thought I was gonna bust a gut laughing so hard last night. He could make millions.

Steve Ware is just that off the cuff, witt. I love that kind of humor. He cracked me up so bad at the Elevate retreat.

Laughter is so wonderful! I don't know if there is anything I love to do more then laugh.

Thanks for using your gift Steve and Paul.


tori ohlerking said…
AW MAN!! paul berry was AWESOME! i literally RAN to the bathroom the second he finished- he was hilarious! i kinda discovered a new desire to be a scientist after he taught. well...not really- but it sounds cool.

see you tonight! we're having a planning meeting for our AFRICA night at refuge if you wanna stay after service. PLEASE do!
Unknown said…
Glad you had a good time..I love to laugh..
Anonymous said…
hey- you need to write about lil stinky e on ragamuffin's creative chaos! doooo ittttt


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