I am NOT a missionary!!

Saturday morning I worked the registration table for the HP Global Missions work shop. I had no intention of staying for the entire thing cuz, I am not a missionary. But they needed us to sell shirts during the breaks so Dean went to the BRDC Block party (where I really wanted to be) and I stayed at the missions workshop.


I am not a missionary.

As I sat there listening to Dan Ohlerking, Sheri May and John Seibling I thought how EVERYTHING they were saying applies to the Dream Center. I was wishing that every DC volunteer could have the tapes of these sessions to glean from. They were just so unbelievable amazing. I cried most of the morning.

Crazy thing is I still don't consider myself a missionary. Yet, I quite honestly can't read about, think about or see and image of Africa without feeling a strong connection. I actually found myself praying that God would move on Dean's heart while he is there on this trip and show him if we are supposed to move to Africa.

My mind is all over the place. When I go to the Elevate missions meetings they say "how many of you know you are called to missions?" I don't raise my hand because I do not feel that. BUT I do feel called to Orphans and right now it is the Orphans of Africa that God has so put on my heart.

For now, I am trying to prepare our home, our hearts and our life for A. I am also trying to get my husband ready to go to Swaziland Africa so he can minister to AIDS Orphans at a sports camp. Just typing that hurts my heart because I so want to go. I can't believe he will go and not me BUT I don't regret the sacrifice. Getting A home and doing all I can to make sure he feels secure and part of the family is worth it.

I can't wait.

And I do get to go to Africa, Dean and I will go for 4 days to get A. Who knows what all God is doing here. Whatever it is it's exciting.

Here are some pics from Saturday, Dean's day at the Block party and me at the Missions Workshop...

Very cool luggage tags and note pads. I took LOTS of notes.

Eddie, Leah and Sarah working registration at the HP Global workshop and being goofy.

Pictures from the block party.

HPC Shuttle full of bags of groceries to give out to the people at the block party.

Adam talking to Kayla. Looks like he's wondering what the heck they are making.

Steele and Evangeline getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt. Looks like Evangeline told Steele something he didn't like.

Israel Earles sorting eggs.

And these two are my personal favorites....

"As people sit eating and conversing, a poor starving child rumages through their trash in search of food...

He finds an unopened Ring pop...he is hungry no more."

P.S. Dean took this picture of our son eating trash off the ground...


Anonymous said…
Don't I have the most amazing Grandchildren! Love MOM
Anonymous said…
I love Steele eating a little garbage. Also, Israel is Little Lori. That's amazing.

Cajun Tiger said…
I think I'll have to very much disagree with your statment of not being a missionary. We are all missionaries. Since when does being a missionary only mean going to a foreign country? We are all called to missions. The mission field is the one exactly where you are and the DC is a HUGE mission field. Not all are called to foreign missions (well, not sure if I totally agree with that either but that is another topic entirely), but we are all called to be a light in a dark world whether that be in the heart of Africa or in the heart of BR. So don't ever say again you aren't a missionary =)
Carole Turner said…
Yea, I just don't consider myself called to missions, so I say that in that context. But you are so correct, the Dream Center is a mission field right here in our back yard.

Like the pic!
Joyce said…
I'm glad I popped into your site tonight to see what has been going on in your world. Many things you wrote cracked me up.....like the caption for Steele eating off the ground.
I DO have to say here though that I too think your ideal of being a missionary is way off in relationship to WHO you are and what your doing.
You all ARE doing missions.

It doesn't get any deeper than this... not every one goes...some stay and pray...some give...some give all and go for a lifetime. Some die there.

Not everyone goes for a long time. Sometimes it's "short term overseas trips".....sometimes it's "urban missions" sometimes....it's "Orphans." Your family is doing all three of those things...face it.
You all ARE doing missions....thus...making you something very special in my book.

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