His Heart for Orphans Family Picnic

Saturday we went to the His Heart for Orphans picnic at Amy and Tommy Poche's house. I always feel so extremely blessed to go to a church that makes this ministry to Orphans a priority. Amy and Tommy's heart is touching so many people, Dino, our pastor, has a heart for Orphans and I am so thankful. We would not have Steele if not for this amazing ministry.

Right now it is so great to be able to talk to someone who has adopted older children. Amy and Tommy adopted 3 older kids from Peru so she can speak directly to the issues we may face with A. But it's also great that I get to just be around other people that have expanded their families through adoption or are in the process. Like my girl Melissa and her husband Jeff. They already have Mattew by birth but have been waiting a really long time for their daughter from China. They know God has called them to adopt one of China's many orphaned girls and I love that!

So many great families are a part of this group. I wish there were more. I pray God will awaken more HPC families to the blessing and miracle of adoption.

If you are even slightly interested in helping Orphans please try to attend the next His Heart for Orphans work shop in April, you wont regret it.

Click HERE to register for it.

Here are some pictures from the day..

Everyone meeting and Amy going over the vision and goals for 2008.

Steele and Olivia, who is Health and Dina Slacks daughter, swinging after eating Chocolate cup cakes (you can see the remnats on their faces).

More of the kids that were at the picnic with their families, 4 of them are adopted 2 are biological.


Carole, many many thanks to you and Dean for your passion for the orphan!!!!! Y'all are awesome and amazing!! I borrowed some of your pictures for the HHFO blog!

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