I am finally making headway on my adoption paperwork, I feel like the paralysis is gone, now it's just fire under my butt getting me going...Thanks everyone for your prayers.

My mom the redneck woman that didn't cuss while defending me (and I love her for both the defending and the not cussing).

Mrs. Allice for a great talk on the ride home from New Orleans-Bourbon Street-Stripper Outreach. Thank you!

Getting to do outreaches like that.

The Dream Team and the Dream Center, you ALL Rock!!

My friends, you are all amazing and I am glad I have you.

My very slim and sexy husband, he's lost 13 lbs.

My loss of 5 lbs (yea, baby!!)

Evangeline's willingness to serve, always wanting to be Jesus to someone.

Steele's random lovin', "I want you to hold me mommy" and it's just so sweet.


Learning to focus on pleasing HIM not man, HE never gives up on me and HE is very good to me.

I am grateful.


Anonymous said…
Hey! What you do'n call me Redneck.
I never thought of myself as redneck. Love, Your mother

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