Good Friday

E Steele and I got up and to Winbourne for 10am..

met up with 8 super-fantastic-servant-hearted kids from Refuget..

we all painted until 1:30pm...

I came home, got showered and ready for church...

had to sing in Choir @ 4pm service..

got a call from a friend who just got divorced last Wednesday after believing for her marriage for almost 4 years, she wanted to go to 6pm service with me...

I went and sang at the 4pm service (hardly made it there on time)...

came home after worship and she arrived with her two kids and one more kid, a friend of her oldest childs, he was 6..

Dean was home for a little bit but leaving soon to go to Arena Football game in New Orleans. I figured E could watch the kids for the little time after Dean left and my friend and I could go on to church without the kids..

She NEVER gets to go to a service without them, they wont stay in the nursery...

Her and I go to church, sit on second row..

Get asked to fill empty seats on the front row...

Just after worship I start receiving text messages from E, the friend-boy wont listen to her, keeps running out side..

"Please come home that boy is being really bad"...

My friend and I had to leave service FROM THE FRONT ROW..

thank GOD a video was playing.

Lessons learned..




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