Fund raiser Details- I posted this on Lil Stinky E today

Hello, this is Carole, Lil Stinky E's mom,

First, I want to say thanks to everyone that has already donated and/or pledged donations. E is very excited about NOT bathing, seriously, she is.

Here are some details of the fund raiser.

She will bathe tomorrow morning.
She will get to wash her face and some other areas with a warm wash rag as needed.
She will brush her teeth.
She will wear clean clothes.
She will proudly sit by you at church :-)

We are going to call the NOT bathing time that follows "trimesters".

the first one last 30 days, Dean has to have $1200.00 by April 15th (She will bathe on this day) the second 21 days, $1000.00 by May 6th ( E will get to bathe again)
the third 35 days.$1300.00 by June 10th (E will go back to bathing again)

That totals 86 days.

SO if you sponsored per day, let us know if it's for one trimester or all 86 days.

you can send your donations to:

19202 Highland Rd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

with a note that says "Dean Turner-Swaziland Africa,July,Mission Trip"

We would like to list donors on,

if you don't wish for your name and amount to be listed please let us know and we will just say "anonymous donor".

God bless you and thanks for helping Dean go to Africa to help the Orphans.


Anonymous said…
Carole, As creative as you are, I think - no, I know - that you could have come up with a more creative way of raising the money. Would love to say more, but I am speechless. I suppose you have exhausted all of your better ideas on all of you other 'fundraisers.'
Sorry, but enough is enough.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous, you really think there is a more creative idea? I think this is genius. Johnny Green, a pastor at HPC actually thought of it.

What would you suggest? Maybe I could just go post rude comments on other people's blogs "anonymously" and people could pay me?

If you someone who "knows" me so well then maybe write your name next time cuz' you obviously have an issue with me that needs to be resolved.
Anonymous said…
I haven't posted anything that I have not discussed with some of your other friends. You want a more creative idea? Okay - how about getting out from in front of your computer, blogging 24/7, and get a real job? Posting a picture of an empty fridge to get a handout is one thing. Pimping out your daughter is another. Everytime you need (WANT)something, you ask for donations. However, you never miss seeing the newest movies, go out to eat constantly, etc., etc. People are catching on.
Carole Turner said…
ok, are you serious? Really, have you read your comment? I almost think you are joking and have not read my blog or know me at all..

I do work, I volunteer around 25 hours a week at the Dream Center between working from home and working there, Chior, Elevate, homeschooling, midnight outreach, adopting internationaly, and much more.

If you read the post with the emty fridge you would see that I posted that after the fact.

And you obviously are not aware of how missions trips and the like are paid for. Fundraisers are how we do that.

Why do you visit my blog so early in the morning? Are you visiting before work?

Do you go to church anywhere? Do you have a relationship with God?

I am sorry if my life has upset you but I am not AT ALL sorry for living it. You judge to harshly and swiftly.
HerstoryGirl said…
"Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:" -- Luke 6:37

Interesting how this seems to be a recurring theme this week.

Even more interesting how some of us need to hear it more often than others.

Lil Stinky E said…
Ok, Anonymous this was my choose
Anonymous said…
Who is this person anonymous? At least when I have a problem with you I don't do it anonymously. I come right out and tell you. Besides that I can get on to my children but you let anybody else and I am mother mad! Mother mad is madder than most people. So, Anonymous, you quit talking to my daughter like that, YOU HERE!
Anonymous said…
Dear Carole:
I just have to put in my two cents (pun intended)!
I appreciate your transparency. I appreciate that you share your faith-walk-life-journey with us, via your blog, but that is not the whole picture of you and your family. You are not perfect and you are the first one to acknowledge it. Well, Dean might be the first on to acknowledge it. I have known you over ten years; I love you & you are way cool. I appreciate your friendship, concern and support over the years. I am sorry Miss. Anonymous hurt your feelings; she thinks she knows you, BUT SHE DOES NOT! Yes, it has to be a “she”, because a man would never be that catty. Shake it off and move on!
God bless you, God bless Africa, and God bless Miss. Anonymous.
Anonymous said…

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