Friday at the Dream Center

Steele eating with old friends (Miss Susan, Kaleigh and Baylin) and new friends, a group of students from Chicago.

Dean, E and Steve serving up some lunch...

All the people eating lunch...

Dean trying to get a kiss from a sweet doll baby.

and these two pictures are of Evangeline getting doctored by Hannah from Chicago.

E met this Hannah and another one yesterday at Homeless breakfast. They came to serve at the Dream Center this week with a group from their church. E really liked them all.

This morning I was running around town trying to get adoption paperwork done, E went ahead with Lorri down to the Dream Center and while I wasn't there, E fell while skating on her Heelies and tore her knee up. Hannah didn't even pause, she immediately got the first aide kit and had E cleaned and bandaged by the time I got there. THEN while I was running around doing lunch stuff for Thrive, I look over to see Hannah changing my child's bandage again, cuz' it had gotten pretty bloody. I felt like a bad mom for a minute but then I realized it's just that Hannah saw a need and took care of it. Very cool.

Thank you so much Hannah and everyone from the Chicago group. It was great getting to serve along side you all, please come back again.

go check out for a video update from tonight.


Brian Lucio said…
I hate that I missed it today! Heard you all had an amazing time! I'm coming next week even if I have to crawl there! Love ya!

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