Coca-Cola and AIDS prevention and treatment

Since Dean is employeed by Coca-Cola I was very glad to hear of the work they are doing in Africa, especially Swaziland, where Children's Cup is and the new HPC Swaziland, on behalf of people suffering with HIV/AIDS.

"We recognize that HIV/AIDS is a global public health emergency
and acknowledge the role of the workplace in limiting the spread and effects of the epidemic. While HIV/AIDS is a global problem, more than 70% of those infected live in Africa.

Since 2002, we have been working with our bottlers to provide a comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment program for the approximately 60,000 Coca-Cola system associates in Africa, as well as their spouses and children. This effort is the largest single program of its kind in Africa. It is managed by doctors and health professionals on the ground in the region. The program includes a prevention and awareness course (including free condoms) and confidential voluntary counseling and testing for employees and their dependants. Antiretroviral drugs are also made freely available to all who need them.

Our Africa HIV/AIDS work extends beyond the workplace and includes
high-impact community focused programs conducted across the continent with our strategic partners: Dance4Life, the African Network for Children Orphaned and at Risk, and the African Broadcast Media Partnership.

In 2006, we expanded HIV/AIDS workplace programs to China, India and Russia. "


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