Singing acapella on a video wearing minimal make-up

Tweeze and Robert came by the Dream Center yesterday during the After School program to get some video of different people humming and then singing "If God is for us". Some of the After School kids did it, My girl Nia was my favorite (if you see the video at Amplified, she’s the girl sitting on the floor against the wall) Another girl Hannah sings as good as Whitney Houston, some of the boys tore it up too and then Evangeline did it. It started to look like they had all the footage they needed…

..and then they asked me if I would do it. I wanted to say no and yes at the same time. I had on make-up from 10am that morning, a red mark by my mouth, remnants of a cold sore and dark circles under my eyes from no sleep the night before, and besides all that, singing with NO MUSIC!

But I did it! Vanity didn't win.

I'm 40 singing acapella for a video to be aired at Amplified, which is an HPC youth weekend. God has a great sense of humor and I am glad he does.


Lesley said…
Hey, that's awesome that you got to sing for the camera! I remember your post a while back about how you sometimes would struggle with wanting a solo... well, He answered you prayers!! And it was for such an awesome group of kids!! It's so cool to watch God work and yes, He does definately have a sense of humor!

You ROCK Carole!!!

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