Today E and Steele had their physicals for the adoption. Yes, Dean I and the kids all have to have physicals in order to adopt.

They both had to have shots. I had called yesterday and asked the nurse if either of them would need shots. She said "no, they are up to date" but when we got there today Steele was missing his MMR. and E was needing some too.He's almost 4 now so I felt safe giving him that vaccine, even though I did pray before both of them got their shots. See, I was totally against vaccines when E was a baby. I felt the research was too strong that they were causing some severe health problems but when we got Steele I just knew I had to immunize him, it was like God just quietly told me to do it and I felt a peace about it. I also started catching E up on hers. Well that decision has shown to be the right one twice now. First right after we got Steele, one of our post placement visits by the social worked, we were asked if he was up to date on his shots, He was. I asked the social worker what would have happened if he was not, she said that in Florida, where Steele was adopted from, the Judge could have delayed the finalization hearing due to that not being done.

Here we are now, adopting A and it is required that the kids be up to date on their shots as far as our home study for an international adoption. I sat there today thanking God that He knew a long time ago what we would be doing today.


Lesley said…
Do either E or Steele have reactions to their shots? Like soreness or fever? Sometimes mine run a low grade fever for a day or two after their shots. I can't stand the shots... but I do think they are a necessary evil so I make my kids get them. And, like most kids, my kids hate them too!!

Isn't God totally awesome and isn't it just amazing how He quietly works in our lives?!?!

Lesley :-)
Cindy said…
I am so excited for your family and cannot wait to meet Abel! He is so lucky to have you and you will be so blessed! much love, friend!

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