Politics AGAIN

ok, so I really hope Mondok doesn't sue me for stealing a post of his twice in one week but I just had to do it again.

This comes from a comment he made back to some commenters on the "Can an Evangelical.." post that I put on here Thursday.

I have tried to put my thoughts in words many times but why bother when Mondok says it perfectly?

Take a look...this is how I feel..pretty much.

pro-life is a conviction for christians, but a platform for the political parties. in this case, i feel republicans hold the position in order to hold votes. but there is no way that they'll ever reverse the supreme court ruling.

there is more to being pro-life than simply VOTING for a candidate that's pro-life...

In fact, one can vote for a candidate that has a pro-choice stance, but works to reduce abortions. Folks on both side of the aisle do that. But even more so, you and I can do much more that is pro-life than merely casting a ballot for a candidate that agrees with us on one thing. You can volunteer at a women's center. You can raise money for an abortion alternative organization. you can adopt a baby. it's more than a biblical world view, it's a biblical world "DO".

The Washington Political machine is a juggernaut. I don't care who you elect, unless they are unbelievably, almost super naturally gifted, they can't fulfill the promises they make while campaigning. It's easier said than done. It's all hot air unless you can rally people behind you. So far, when it comes to the abortion issue, we've had twenty-four years of republican pro-life presidents that have done nothing in washington to change anything on this issue. However, in the past ten years, abortions have decreased dramatically in this country. The credit goes to Christians and churches doing something more than just talking and picketing and voting. it's not political activism that's brought these decreases, it's been activism in response to the work Christ has done in lives.

Grassroots activism gets so much more done than political wrangling and posturing. It costs unbelievable money just to print out the plan, rules and regulations in order to get anything done in government. But with just a fraction of that money, churches can change and impact their own communities by doing. Don't expect government to get 'r done.

You do it.


Lesley said…
Cajun Tiger said…
I have to say I disagree almost completely with his comment. Yes abortions are down and I think it is exactly because we have had a Republican President and Congress. President Bush signed the law that banned partial-birth abortions. That same law was passed twice and Clinton vetoed it twice.

President Bush vetoed embryonic stem cell bills that a Democratic president would have signed.

Yes, there are some Republicans who just say they are pro-life to help get elected just like there are Dems who say they are pro-choice to get elected, but there are MANY Republicans who are actively working to pass laws to reduce abortions and the vast majority of Dems vote against those bills like partial birth abortions, parental consent laws and others. I can list bill after bill that proves that, so it does matter who you vote for. No we never should be a one issue voter, but if abortion is an important issue I'd rather have someone who says he is pro-life and votes right but may not actively work the issue than someone who says he is pro-choice to appease the pro-abortion crowd and may or may not vote right depending on the political implications.

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