Playlist REMOVED

ok, so I click on this blog, my blog, that you are reading at this moment and I hear some really, really nasty music playing. Lyrics that are pure porn! I hop down to my play list and I can't even say what was on there, it was so bad.

I think someone has gotten a hold of my sign on or something so I just changed my password.

The picture thing yesterday, this today. I really think someone is out to sabatoge The Wardrobe and the White Tree.


I hope changing the pass word will protect me.

Kinda scary really.


Anonymous said…
I didn't know. What picture did they do?
Carole Turner said…
Look back at this post from the other day..

When are you going to finish the spider story, we are all waiting.
Lesley said…
Yikes!! That really IS scary! I wonder why in the world people do stuff like that??!? It just takes so much more effort to be MEAN to people ... I just don't get it.

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