On your Turf SUCKA!!

There are places where Demons roam unchecked. Places that few, with the power to dispel them ever venture into. I am talking about the inside of the strip clubs on Bourbon Street, New Orleans Lousisana. Last night I watched God thump the Devil on the head so hard I think the devil is still lobbing off Demon heads this morning for what has begun.

In both Tampa Florida and New Orleans Louisiana rookie Strip Club Outreaches got into MANY strip clubs simply by asking at the door. Over confident demons were sitting with their hands behind their heads, feet kicked up on a table, never even considering that someone full of Jesus would dare come, it wasn't even expected, why would it be, it doesn't happen, right?

Sure, the demons in the streets saw us coming, but what a joke, girls in black t-shirts and jeans, holding a rose, what could that do to THIS place? What could we possibly have to give these girls that could not be completely overwhelmed by the historic evil this place dwells in and perpetuates?

"Hey, here’s a Rose for you, Happy Valentines Day". No looking away, eye to eye, walking into that space between the ones that she is entertaining and her soul that Christ died for. She is not a piece of meat; she is a daughter of the king.

Just then, LOVE jumps, she sees something that shatters the darkness. If only for a split second, if only not until the next day when she reads the cards attached to the Rose, if only the next time the church ladies come back, time and time again they return to say, "Here's a Rose for you" If only then, it's enough, because light is light and it disrupts the darkness. LOVE is felt and when her life goes beyond hope, when the demons come calling, she knows where to go. The ladies that didn't look away, that didn't look at her with judgement but with pure love that she does not understand but something tells her they know the answers for her pain.

LOVE is what dares to go where Demons tread, where they have never before had a worry. Now, they jump to their feet "what just happen here!!?? I felt something! Man am I gonna be in trouble".

HIS body, the church, is kicking down the door with LOVE that does not judge, does not look for the quick result but plants, waters, cultivates the seeds and LOVES, prays, and returns again and again and again.

HIS body is on your turf SUCKA!!!

And little Demon, you are in TROUBLE.


HerstoryGirl said…
Well said, Carole!
Last night was simply... AMAZING.

JESUS IS HERE and ANYTHING can happen!
Summer =)
Lesley said…
...A place for God to show up and show off!!

Lesley :-)

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