Maybe God is trying to tell you something

God is trying to tell you something(The Color Purple )

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This video brings back such amazing memories. Ammye, Jimmy Clyde, John Smith and me, up all night watching the Color Purple. Ammye and I bawling our heads off, like real ugly crying, during this scene. Thank God Jimmy had fallen asleep and John was "man crying" right along with us (you know, they get teary but act like they weren't really crying).

I think this scene is anointed. I know the movie was totally secular but the music for this scene was written by Andre Crouch and it just so perfectly illustrates how God breaks into the hearts of the wayward child (Celie, lady singing in yellow)and the hard hearted preacher father. Love does that, God's love, He reaches right down to where we are and woos us.


Anonymous said…
No, Carole, Celie is Whoopie's character. What was her name??.... SHUG AVERY!!
HerstoryGirl said…
My favorite scene from one of my all-time favorite movies!

Yep, it's Shug Avery singing. =)
Anonymous said…
Those were good times. There was also the time the police came to make us stop singing this song at youth camp during the talent show...

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