Lil-E's Bread

Yes, My Lil-E has mastered what I could not and that is making bread. Thanks to the queen of bread making herself, Donna Clyde, who gave her a great recipe, today Lil-E made the best whole wheat rolls I have ever eaten!! Seriously, they are so good.

She made her first batch Thursday night, and they were a little too dense but that was because she had left out the Glutton. They were still good, she even took some of them to the Cooking for Christ crew when she went to help Friday morning and they loved them. But today, with the Glutton added, they were just amazingly good. My girl has many gifts, baking is one of them.

Susan told me Friday that E should sell her bread, and I think by Baseball season, we may just be able to do that.

Look out Upward, good, healthy, amazing tasting home made bread may be coming your way!


Lesley said…
Woohoooo!! Just one more reason to sign Lane up for baseball! By the way, I loved your top this morning Carole ... it was awesome! Where do you shop?

Lesley :-)
Anonymous said…
I will deff. buy some..all about the healthy stuff! I love your little girl...she inspires me..for real
Love u guys!
Anonymous said…
Hello Evangeline! I want some bread! I bet it is good. When y'all come down you will have to make us some and GrandPa something sweet. You know he loves his sweets. Love GrandMa

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