A Heart full of Orphans

Evangeline and I both had a real heart aching moment today in the car, we were thinking about A. We were talking about how much we can hardly stand the wait. It is really killing my heart. Evangeline said the same.

I kept thinking about the video. I kept seeing his face. It's amazing how much you can love someone you have never met. There is already such a connection. I just watched the video again, the part where they say "did you see your family?" talking about the photo album we made for him that he is holding. He seems so kind, so sweet. Innocent.

When I watch the video I can't help but wonder what his life and all the other Orphans in the Orphanage is like. It seems like a nice house with nice care givers but I just really pray it is as it seems. I look at them all and they are a part of my life. They are not just Orphans on some random web site or video, they are children that share life right now with my son. They are his friends, house mates. I may actually hear stories about these different children when we get A. It brings everything home. We pray for all those children every night.


For now, we get to love on the Orphaned hearts at the ASAP After school program. We took 8 of them to Refuge last night. It was all worship, no preaching and a couple of them got really touched. Many of them are not actual orphans, they have a mom or grandmother, a few have fathers in the home but I think 95% are being raised in single parent homes, so they are dealing with a lot of the same issues an Orphan deals with. There are a lot of really good kids that come, they just need someone to invest in them, that little something extra to make up for what the lack of that one parent or both parents is causing.

I take nothing away from the people raising them. I know how hard it was for my mom to work full time, sometimes two jobs, and also help us with homework, be both mom and dad, discipline, clean, cook, etc..It's not lost to me the heavy load these single, many poor, parents, have to carry. I believe many do the best they can. We just want these kids to be encouraged, helped with school projects, taken to get GED's, encouraged to go to college and for them to see people that actually are not going away, people that believe things can and do change, people willing to invest time. That is what all the people at the Dream Center do. From teaching a group of teenage mothers how to ride the city bus, to filling out resumes and getting them clothes to wear on an interview. Susan Rogers and Charity both spend countless hours actually helping girls get to work, get jobs, keep jobs, get drivers licenses, car seats. Last week Craig and Adam gave Nathanial and Jerome a TV for their new house. Nathanial and Jerome were homeless for a long time, but the Dream Center team helped them get into a house, now they have a big TV to watch too. Nathanial and Jerome are both mentally impaired, maybe the mentality of an 8yr old. They are the least of these.

I could go on and on about What the Dream Center people do.

Last night at Refuge I just was so overwhelmed with how blessed I am to get to do all this. I knew when I was 18 that I was called to Orphans, hurting, unwanted and unloved Children and now at 40 I am living that call, that dream, sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can't believe how good God is to us. I would not trade my life with anyone and it's all for His glory, not mine.

Dean and I both have a heart full of Orphans.


Joyce said…
I am so thankful for you and Dean's hearts towards Orpahans. It's a clear calling, I can tell that.
Hang in there....I am praying for you all. I watched the video and he seems so sweet. They all did but he had a glow didn't he?

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