The First Family Night at Baton Rouge Dream Center

The very first Family night at The Baton Rouge Dream Center was a huge success. Adam brought the word, worship was great, the food was great, the people were great.

Glad I get to be a part.

Here are some pictures of the evening.

Just a few of the people waiting for family night to start.

Cindy Ragsdale and Josh rocking some worship tunes for us...

Craig with Eric, one of our after school kids..

Kevin (another after school kid) singing happy birthday to Nathanal.

Me with some of my kids, Jordan, Jason, (in the back) Nia and Robert, (on either side of me) and Antoine and Tashiana (bottom row).


Cindy said…
Thanks Carole. It was a blast and I'm glad I was a part of it as well! much love!

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