Evangeline's Early morning Cooking

As I have mentioned before, Evangeline is now a Cooking for Christ volunteer and cooks on Friday's for the Ladies Thrive and Homeless Men lunch. Well yesterday Mr. Larry (the head of Cooking for Christ) sent out a request for help with the Homeless breakfast. I told E about it, kind of hoping that she wouldn't want to do it, cuz' she had to be there at 5:15am this morning, but of course she wanted to do it. She jumped out of bed this morning like she was off to Disney world. Thank God Dean was able to take her on his way to work so I didn't have to get up for long.

She cooked Eggs, biscuits, grits and sausage (and forgot to bring me home any) with Frank, Chris and a couple other volunteers then went with them to serve it up to the homeless people.

It was 39 degrees this morning. Evangeline had on a light jacket and she said it was so cold. Many of the men she served breakfast to slept outside in that weather.

How great is it that Jesus showed up with some hot food and coffee?

Check out the pictures my sweet Evangeline took.

She really dug the sun rise behind the tree, said she wants to make it her background on her MySpace.

The king of the After school program and major cool dude, Craig Boutte with one of the homeless men that E got to serve.

Tweeze with Alvin. Alvin is homeless and helps on Thursday's with the breakfast and on Friday's. He's a cool cat.

Steve Ware and Jason (Tweeze) praying with one of the Homeless guys

The guys waiting to eat. And if you look close you can see Jennifer Laird, that's Tweeze's wife. She is an amazing servant. The Refuge girls are so blessed to have her as their leader

A guy (Evangeline cant remember his name but he cooked and served) with Mrs. Laird, Conan, Trice and Sarah, all serving it up.

Conan, Alvin, Mrs. Laird and Frank.

Thank you Frank, Vince, Jason, Jennifer, Craig, and everyone else that makes Homeless breakfast happen. E loved it and plans to continue serving it up with you guys. You all rock and you rock hard for Jesus. Thanks.


Unknown said…
What a difference maker!!! Have yall read Same Kind of Different as Me!! Awesome book!!!
franco said…
Hi Carole this is Frank, I did not realize Evangline was your daughter until she mentioned the africa nite, its a small world. You preached loudly from the mountain top this morning about 5:15 am 35 degrees without using a WORD! Her prescence and her servants heart and attitude blew me away and I mean that. She was a blessing to have come out to help and I know a blessing to the homeless people we served. God bless Larry for sending out an email.
We have been blessed to serve along side Craig and Jason and so many volunteers.
May God bless you and your family!!!
E is the bomb.
I pray I am as blessed one day too!

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