Embrace the 12

Hello my name is Carole Turner. I'm 40 years old and I am a size 12.

Sure, I was a size 10 two years ago and I would like to be a size 8 but I don't want to do the work to get me there so, I have to accept the size 12.

I try to keep the gut sucked in, wear looser fitting tops and THANK GOD for the Spankz! (No, I don't have the spanks on in this picture, just good jeans from The Limited. Dark wash, that's the key for us hippy chicks)I am built just like my mother.

I like the skinny jeans with heals or ballerina slippers but actually, the flair bottom looks better on my body type. It's just the sausage rolls over no matter what cut they are now. You know, the sausage roll right at the top of your jeans? The Gut!? Mine is looser and bigger since the hysterectomy. But again, if I have too I am not afraid to wear the spanks.

Oh, yea, I know, your young, sassy and hot reading this and thinking, "I will never let myself be a size 12" well honey, I said the same thing at your age. I swore nothing would head south (which they have) and I wouldn't have a lose chubby belly.... two kids and 15 years later (Yes, I coun't Steele, I gained 10 lbs the year after he was born and I didn't even birth him!)

I know others of you are thinking "I wish I were a size 12" but the bottom line is being happy with yourself. If I took the time to work out, It would take away from other things that I think are important, I really don't have the time, If you do and losing weight is important to you, go for it. I eat healthy, juice, and I try to do leg lifts while sitting on my fat butt at the computer typing post like this :-)

No, seriously, Dean likes me, still thinks I look good, and even though I'm at the very end of the size chart, I can still buy jeans at my favorite stores, Gap and The Limited, so I am just going to embrace the 12.


Lesley said…
You look GREAT Carole!

I everyone in our age group probably "wishes" that we could be the size we were when we were 18 or 20. But for most of us, that's just not gonna happen! My body now resembles that of an pear!

I've made peace with my size too (I think!) Or maybe I say that 'cause it easier to say that than it is to lose weight and of course, I CAN'T AFFORD A TUMMY TUCK!! haha! Just kidding!!

Seriously, this is how God made me... my husband loves me, my kids love me and God loves me! What more could a woman ask for?!!?

Rock on Carole!!

Lesley :-)
Anonymous said…
ERRR never mind, the backlash would be to harsh. Forgive me for now knowing how to spell re-tal-e-a-tion.

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