Ruber bands

Yes, after 15 months of braces I now have to wear the dreaded rubber bands. BUT I get everything, including the evil rubber bands off on Feburary 19th!!!

3 weeks!! I can't wait!

Have you ever tried to talk with your mouth banded together? Thats what it's like with these things.

I will have to take them off to sing in the chior.

Why is my chin crooked?

I can't look at this picture anymore.


Anonymous said…
Andrew feels your pain. He has been wearing the rubber bands for a long time now. He's almost done, though.
Lesley said…
Yep, wearing braces stinks! I had to wear them for 3 1/2 years ... uggghhhhhhh!! I'm so excited that you will be getting them off soon!!!! 3 weeks is nothing compared to 15 months... the countdown is on!!! yeaaaaa!!

Lesley :-)
HerstoryGirl said…

You crack me up, girl...

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