Our adoption of A journey

There are many things that I would love to tell the world right now. God is really showing up big time. But I will not be able to share many of this with you all until after we are officially A's parents.

Anyone reading this should know how hard this will be for me, like I say, I am the self titled Queen of T.M.I. but the goal here is not to be free to share every detail with the world. The goal is to bring glory to God and do his will, so for now, I must use discretion when talking about A in the blog world.

I can say this, the adoption process is moving right along. We have sent in our existing home study and we get our home study updated on Feb 10th. Fees have been sent and we are gathering pictures for the photo album that will be take to A. We are getting more and more excited everyday about him becoming a part of our family.

I have begun praying for A and all the children at the Orphanage that they will have food, shelter, clothing, good health and love, the love of care givers and that they come to know the greatest love of all, Jesus.

I ask you all to please pray for us. Pray for favor and for Gods hand guiding all of us in this process.

To you that have heard God, listen to Him and extended your hand to us. I weep. I wept last night, and I will continue to weep from awe, appreciation and gratitude to you all. God bless you.

My heart is bursting.

Thank you.


Hey Carole. Just wanted to let you know that I finally made another post. Thanks for asking!

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