In case you were wondering.....

Tis the season to ROCK the Metalics!!


agardana said…
Glad to see you've brought the boots out again. Which pair are you going to wear to the party tomorrow???
Anonymous said…
The gold boots remain the best purchase made at "Shoe Heaven". I wonder if it is still open.
Anonymous said…
The silver shoes are great. You can use the reflection on the heel-wedge as a mirror and touch up your lipstick; put foot on opposite knee, bend at waist, apply lipstick. I think I saw a woman on Plank at Airline with the same shoes, how about that!!
Gives new meaning to "HO HO HO
Merry Christmas" Love you!
Anonymous said…
I still think Shoe Heaven was a front for an Al Quaeda cell.
Carole Turner said…
Anne, Great idea, I will try that next time I'm wearing them.

Kaylynn and Karen, both correct-definatley Al Quaeda but also definatley great priced hooker shoes!

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