Read before you decide

I saw this and thought what a great idea, read before you decide.

I actually have The Audacity of Hope but I haven't started it yet.

We have a year until we elect our next president. My hope for this 12 months prior to that election is that George Bush will complete the work in Iraq and find Osamah. I want him to go out strong.

I have no idea who will be our next president. I think this election more then ever will require more soul searching by believers.

Don't be a hook-line-and-sinker voter. Just because everyone in your church is voting one way doesn't mean you should. Do your home work. Pray and Research, listen to your friends, family, pastor, the debates, take it all in, filter it and cover it with lots of prayer.

Be educated, know why you believe someone should or should not lead this country. I no longer believe it comes down to Republican or Democrat, I see just as much good and bad in both parties so for me, it will come down to who do I agree with more.


Anonymous said…
That's a great idea, Sue. The only one I don't need to buy is Hillary's. I'll wait, because I'm cheap, to buy the two that are running.

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