What is God doing?

On top of recovering from this Surgery I have been constantly thinking about our newly opened door to be able to adopt from Africa. Dean and I are still kinda in shock that someone would want to help us so much. I mean $6000.00 is a lot of money and there have been cases, like in Liberia, where a complete adoption was done for that amount. So, I have started researching...

but just like God, He is taking me into un-thought-of territory....

The first night after we got the call from our friend saying they wanted to help us, I went on line and I prayed for God to point me in the right direction. The first site I went to is one I am familiar with because I get E-mail updates from them about waiting children. I typed in Africa, a listing came up and I started to scroll down. The entire time I am asking God to just let a picture grab me, guide my search. So, I click on this picture of a boy named A. I saw his birth date, but for some reason I still clicked. He was born in 1996, he is 11 years old. He is an Orphan in Ethiopia. His parents died in 2005. He loves sports and is in the top of his class. He also speaks very good English. I really felt drawn to him. I talked to Dean about him and he was hesitant but not completely closed to it. He does think he is too old but like I said, he's open to whatever God has for us. He even asked Steele what he would think about having a brother that was sissy's age...

What is God doing?

I am sending in the papers to enquire about A. I just feel I have to, God wont let me shake it. I was praying last night about this and it was like God said "your ways are not my ways, trust me, I have a plan". You know how we just assume things will go a certain way, people offer us money to adopt from Africa and we assume we will adopt a baby but lately Dean and I both have been very open to older children. It's like God has been working on us for this very time. How cool is that? I just have to snicker when I think of how fun and adventurous God is.

So, I am asking all you crazy prayer people out there to pray for this situation. We are open, we will do what God wants and I know it will be great.

I can't stop thinking about this child and how he will fit into our family. I try not to think about it but I keep thinking. Maybe God placed his profile in front of me so that I will pray for him, his future, like we do with Bradshaw. I don't know. We want to do God's will and find the child that we are too adopt so please pray for us to make the right decisions.

I am so excited.


izitjo said…
I'm here for a first time visit but would happily pray for God's best in this. There are so many children in need of homes in this world but I'm sure he has a purpose for 'just one' to be a part of your family. For the childs sake and for yours.

Bless you, I look forward to seeing what God does next!

Jo :)

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