Two Weeks since Surgery

I gave myself two weeks to recover, that is what I kept telling myself, that I would be done with recovering at home today. Not so sure my body is agreeing with me.

Gross, scar and cutting talk ahead, turn back now if you can't handle T.M.I. :-)

Yesterday I discovered a lovely opening in my scar. Yea, like the stitches dissolved too soon. So I was looking at a 1 inch hole at the far left end of my scar, pretty deep too. I called the doctor and they cant stitch it again it just has to heal from the inside out. They said just too keep it clean and come in if it starts to look infected. By this morning, it it already looking better, more closed up and it's not infected.

My scar is 6 inches long. I was thinking the other day, "Why didn't I just get a tummy tuck while they were at it?" I could have used a little tummy tuck, right above where the scar is to. They could have just pulled that skin down and sewed it up! But yea, Insurance probably wouldn't have paid for that, so I guess that really wasn't an option. Would have been nice though, to be rid of that pooch!

What not to wear when recovering from abdominal surgery.

Last night I went to vision night. I wore jeans. They were stretchy around the gut area so I figured they would be ok. I was wrong. I had to make some adjustments, thank God I had on a kinda flowy shirt.

I was like "dang, I hate this. It feels like someone cut the entire lower part of my abdomen, wait, someone did cut the entire lower part of my abdomen AND they took out an Organ!!"

so, I just have to take my jumping back into the flow of life outside my home a little slower then I anticipated. I am going to class tomorrow night, not sure if I will make it to HPC women tonight, even though I really want to go, I just have to wait and see how I feel. And I won't be wearing my jeans that is for sure.


Anonymous said…
Carole Sue! This is your mother. It takes six weeks, count them, six weeks to recover from a Historectomy! Even then you need to be careful about lifting anything. You had an organ removed.
I love you. MOM
agardana said…
Tony's did that after he had his appendix out. You can put those steri-stip things on there to help pull the incision closed. That is what Tony did and it worked just fine.
Joyce said…
A couple of things....
#1.WHOOOoaaaa you need more than 2 weeks. Take it easy. You don't want some sort of relapse. The world can wait a few minutes.

#2.You could do some sort of sweat pants or something more stretchy.

#3. You can get those buttefly band aides to put over your open area. Ough...might want to use some antibiotic cream as well??

I had a friend that did the tummy tuck thing..people always do it when they have the surgery you had I guess it's easier??? She was told it was the most HORRIBLE recovery out of all plastic surgery. doesn't pay for it. Oh well.
Anonymous said…
Where did you get "2 weeks" from? Your Mom is more realistic. Take it easy. You got some place to be?

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