This is why we are going to Africa

I got this in the mail today on my Children's Cup news letter.

This is from Christy Merrill's blog

She’s double-orphaned, and was left in the care of a grandmother.

The grandmother gave her to a man.

She ran away to an aunt’s house, where she was also given to men for sex.

She broke the cultural norm and spoke out. Instead of support, she was heaped with shame. The community labeled her the “Mbabane whore.” The Swazi Times printed an article about her. The adults say “Do you want to see that Mbabane whore,- that girl who prostitutes? …There she is.”

She is 14 years old.

Children’s Cup staff began to seek her out, but in her desperation to escape the rape, she’d run away. No one could find her…at least no one with the heart to help.

But the men knew where to find her. She was prostituting herself for $10R ($1.40 US) to earn the $100R to rent a room. 10 men in one day.

Today she came to a carepoint where a teacher had once shown her kindness,- She’d bathed her, wiped the blood running down her thigh, given her clothes from her own closet.Our counselor was called and arrived within minutes.

She was taken to a safe home for women. She curled herself in the backseat, sucking her thumb.

But, stepping out of the car she was greeted by a loving woman, who was never able to have children of her own. Welcoming the embrace she offered, she heard “Hello, my darling…Welcome home.”

Her new life begins today.

This is my prayer for her (from Isaiah 61 and Hosea 2): Jesus, bring your healing to this broken little girl. You promised, that you will trade your beauty for our ashes, your praise for our mourning, your joy for our sorrow, and to plant us like strong and study oaks for your own glory. Instead of shame and dishonor, give her your inheritance of a double portion of prosperity and everlasting joy. Let her know that the time of your favor has come…

Set your protection around her, and win her back once again. Speak tenderly to her in the deserts, and transform her Valley of Trouble into the gateway of hope.

Readers, please pray for her as well.


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