Slammin churches

I saw a guy on You tube that is from here in BR and he goes around in his car pointing out what is wrong with all the churches he passes. He actually spent 9 minutes driving and slamming churches. From the steeples to the marque type signs, he just didn't feel Jesus would have these kinds of churches.

Of course he slammed HPC pretty hard. He is ignorant of HPC and that is made clear by a few things he says but I still HAD to leave a comment. I asked him if this is what he wanted to be known for? "Hey, your the guy that drives around and slams churches! Loved the commentary on the steeple, thanks for that revelation dude, you saved me from going to a church with a steeple!" I said some more stuff but then I felt that lovely little voice, you know it, the one that says "Um, excuse me, you did this same thing on your blog about Mark Driscoll." Yes, it was Jesus, He likes to knock me off my self righteous high horse by showing me when I am being a hypocrite. So I had to repent and realize I have been guilty of the same thing.

In my comment I told this kid that he should consider being Jesus to people, doing what Jesus told us to in Matthew 25, and love our neighbor as our self. I need to take my own advise.


Anonymous said…
Shane Claiborne messes with your mind and you are never the same! Love the book. You did have highlights and I will return it - after Jeff reads it!

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