No rest for the weary

so I tried to take my Dr. appointed nap around 11am and I feel sure the 100 people called while I was sleeping. You know how you think "I am just not going to answer the phone" which I didn't but still, many many times it rang.

I know it's people wanting to check on me, bring me meals, great stuff like that but here I am awake (after just giving up on the nap) and now, guess what? The phone hasn't rung at all :-)

Where is Dean you ask? Well he took Steele to clean my car out (I had dumped a plant in the back seat and my niece is coming in town tomorrow so we had to get that cleaned out), take our "Cousin It" dog Cleo to the groomer, pay some bills, get Evangeline's messed up Blood glucose strips exchanged so my child could check her blood sugar and you know, be able to eat. And he went by the BR Dream Center to help serve the lunch after ladies thrive..Oh wait now the phone is ringing again...ok, it was Dean, he's bringing me some food, yea!!

My arm hurts. The gas they pump in your stomach floats up and gets trapped in your shoulders. I have been trying to release it the other way ;-0 but there is a lot in there.

Sleeping is a real pain. You never realize how much you use your abdomen to turn from side to side until you have something removed from inside it. So, on these meds, I want to sleep a lot but actually getting to sleep is quite and ordeal cuz, I get to sleep, then want to turn over and that brings the pain and so it's harder to then resume sleeping while in that pain.

I keep thinking I am hungry but then can't eat much. I hope I lose weight. I was disappointed that there wasn't a 20 pound tumor in my Uterus that would account for my being 20 pounds over weight. No, there was just a Uterus, that lets just say, weighed 5 pounds ;-) so now that that is out of there, maybe I will be that much lighter but I won't be 20 lbs lighter-darn!


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