Louisiana residents who care about the humanitarian Crisis in Uganda....

Tomorrow, Senator David Vitter from Louisiana has a tremendous opportunity to draw attention to the ongoing crisis in northern Uganda and make sure that the U.S. is doing all that it can to support peace.But right now, he doesn't think this issue deserves his attention.

We need you to take thirty seconds to make a call and make sure that Senator Vitter doesn't miss this chance.

The Senate's Subcommittee on Africa is holding a hearing on northern Uganda at 9:30 tomorrow morning, where the U.S.'s top diplomat for Africa is scheduled to testify. She is the person who recently supported a preemptive military strike against the LRA that would derail the ongoing negotiations (which provide the best chance for peace!) and the person who most needs to hear that a sustainable resolution to this conflict should be a priority for our government. Senator Vitter is a member of the committee, but doesn't plan to show up.

As a resident of Louisiana with special leverage over Senator Vitter, you can change that.Here's how: By telling Senator Vitter that peace in northern Uganda is a priority for you, it increases the pressure on him to show up tomorrow and deliver that message to the State Department.

This is a huge chance for us to advance lasting peace in northern Uganda and it starts with you.

Will you please take thirty seconds to call Senator Vitter's office and ask him to attend this important hearing tomorrow?

His office's number is: (202) 224-4623.

When you're connected, ask to speak to his staff member in charge of Foreign Affairs.

Here's a suggestion of what you can say:"Hello. My name is _______ and I'm from _________. I'm calling to ask that Senator Vitter attend tomorrow's Subcommittee hearing on the Great Lakes region of Africa and that he ensures that the U.S. is doing all that it can for peace in northern Uganda. This issue is very important to me and I will be following up to make sure that Senator Vitter has responded to my concerns. Thank you."

Making this call will only take a few seconds, but it could make a big difference in how the U.S. engages the crisis in northern Uganda. Please, take a moment and tell Senator Vitter that you expect him to show up.

Thank you!Alison Jones
Director of Advocacy, Resolve Uganda

P.S. If you have any questions about making the call, or you want to let us know how your call went, feel free to contact our office at: (202)548-2517.P.P.S. Check Resolve Uganda's Campaign Blog later this week to find out how the hearing went and to see if Senator Vitter was there!


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