It's official, Steele is potty trained!

He has been in underwear for a while exept for at naps and bed time, we were still using a pull up. He has been waking up dry with the pull up on but still insisted he needed to wear one for "night-night" but last night, he wore his undies to bed and this morning he is dry!

He's so funny. He has to get his PJ's on for naps. It's all about routine and "this is what you wear" so the pull up was like that, he just couldn't get his head around the idea of not wearing a pull up to bed.

We also have to go "See" him poop, he likes an audience.


Anonymous said…
YEA STEEL! GrandMa is so proud of you. He is quite the kid. We miss y'all. Love MOM
Anonymous said…
Yeaaaa Steel! Great job! We will be working on that with Ryan soon too...

Lesley :-)

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