How should we then live

I am reading this cool book. It's one of thous books that everyone I respect in Christian thinking talks about. It's always on the top 100 books in Christianity Today so I just had to read it.

It's not an easy read. It's really all about the history of how we got to where we are now in Christian thinking, the arts and politics. It starts off right after Jesus died and takes you through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, Modern Age all the way until the late 70's when the book was written.

It covers art, philosophy and politics and how they reflected religious life of their times. It basically says "this is how we got here". I dig it.

I think ALL young Christian's should have to read it. I think ALL Elevate students should have to read it because a lot of us can only see our life time. Like CS Lewis said,

"We need to have an intimate knowledge of the past not that the past has any magic about it but because we cannot study the future and yet need something to set against the present, to remind us that the basic assumptions have been different in different periods and that much of what seems certain to the uneducated is merely temporary fashion."

and he also said

"Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy needs to be answered."


Anonymous said…
I started it years ago, but didn't finish. Something about babies and laundry. Definitely not my renaisance time. But I'm going to read it again. I think I'll like it more since I took that humanities class. I think it's very enlightening to see where we get our notions and ways of thinking. People need to know that.

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