Abortion should not be legal

I found out yesterday, what I had feared to be true, that a young friend of my niece's had an abortion. You might remember a while back I had talked about that situation on here briefly. I had e-mailed her several times and tried to give her real viable options to this choice. We didn't just say "don't do it" we offered housing, support, reasons, everything but there came a point where I knew there was nothing more I could offer or say to her I had to leave it in Gods hands. She chose to listen to the enemy of life, not to God.

If something is legal, why not do it? I mean, really, can't you just hear the devil tell her this? Abortion is so evil! "Everything will be taken care of, if you just kill this life growing in you. No one has to know, you can go on with your life!!" What a load of lies!! Not like I am shocked, the bible says satan comes to steal kill and destroy, that he is the father of all lies. I just have such a hard time knowing that she now has to live with this lie, she has to protect this secret, just like the devil planned.

But God is bigger, and even now, He can heal.

Jesus help her. Draw her close to you.


AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
I am deeply saddened by this and I come in agreement with you for God to draw her close.
HerstoryGirl said…
Carole, I am so sorry to hear this.

This young woman needs our prayers... I have known a few women in my life who have had abortions and EVERY one of them regretted it afterward.
It's amazing what fear and selfishness will make us do.

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