Sewing Machines needed...

Back packs needed...

And shoes
for AIDS Orphans in Africa.

And Guess what? YOU can help.

click HERE to go to the ENGAGE site. It gives you all the info on how you can help.


I am looking for people to join my team in collecting

children's books and shoes

for the AIDS Orphans at the Children's Cups Care Points.

Click HERE to join the team.

Being part of ENGAGE means that you are actively going to fight for the cause - children desperate for hope in the face of Africa's brutal reality of AIDS and extreme poverty. It's for those who want to do more than pray or give their own money. It's for those who want to motivate others to pray, give and go.


Anonymous said…
Hi Carole,

My name is Lesley Maglapit. My family and I go to HPC and I read your blog often. To see your passion for God and for Africa and the precious children there is awesome! For a long time I have felt a tugging at my heart for His children in Africa too. It has suddenly hit me that I don't want to be someone who ignore what God is saying to me, that I WANT to be someone who hears HIS message and acts on it! I clicked on the link to sign up on your team, but I didn't see your name listed as a team leader. I don't have a blog, but feel free to email me at How amazing is it that He knows what we need and puts it in front of us at just the right time! Your post is just what I needed...thank you!!

I look forward to hearing from you!
Be blessed,

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