Party Pictures!!!

Melissa and Liz

Dean and Candice

John Austin and Israel Earles and Steele

Nicole and Evangeline

Liz, Melissa, Me, Summer & Nadia Kelly and Evangeline

Lorri and some of her kids and Angela with her boys Nathan and Micah

Kid table

Candice and mom

Daurie and Clint

Delynn, Stacie, Me and Daurie

Dino, Delynn and me

Me and Donna (this picture makes me laugh)

Me, now 40 with braces.

I gave a CD to everyone that came, "Four Decades of My Favorite Dance Songs" so if you didn't come you totally missed out on that jewel. AND Dean and my family did this real fun "who Knows Carole" questionnaire thing that was a hoot! I mean how much fun can you have with questions titled "Incarceration"?

I also got some great gifts like, part of a cow for and African Village was bought, donations made to feed the homeless through Dr. Tweezes breakfast for the homeless, teaching Orphans in India and more. Really it was such a great birthday.

We are literally in the middle of moving and my sister packed, unpacked, organized, arranged and decorated while she was here! I can't imagine having to do all this without her totally energized little body! And Dean was just amazing! He really made this move and turning 40 very good. AND finally...the topper on the 40th birthday cake... I AM TYPING THIS ON HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!!


agardana said…
Hey, Someone (who will remain nameless) misplaced my CD so I need another copy!!!! Don't give them all away
Anonymous said…
Carole I am so sorry we missed this monumental event. I had every intention of showing up but when the time came I had so much going on it slipped by me. Please forgive me. I am so sad that I missed the chance to pass a good time with all who were there. We love you and you are so special to George and I. I mean afterall when you have shared a bathroom for months how much closer can you be? Happy 40!!! I am glad you finally caught up

Anonymous said…
Welcome to the high Speed generation. I know you will be much happier in this world. Glad to hear your B-day was a hit! I am really sad I missed out on your music jewel- I am very curious as to what makes you dance :)

Love dance music, no lie. I wish I had more floor room in my house so i could turn it up and have a ball. I still do, but just with limited floor space!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry I missed your party! Looks like it was a great time. You look gorgeous at 40!

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