Painting and Aching

I am feeling 40 today.

I painted from 11:30am yesterday until 9:30pm last night. I at least wanted to get the Living room, dinning and kitchen painted before we move in and I can paint the rest later. I am painting it all a great golden, wheat kinda color. What is funny is that the living room looks more tan and the kitchen looks more yellow and it is the exact same paint! Oh, and I'm painting the outside too. It's a lovely 80's taupe right now and I am painting it tan.

So, I just took some Aleve, and I am about to head back over and try to finish up today.

Dean and Tony are going to move as much as they can tonight and then I will get the rest tomorrow. I'm sure we will have lots of stuff that we will be coming back for Friday but I think the new people want to move in this weekend.

Oh, and we are not closing @ 4 today. It wont be until Friday but "It's all good" cuz' God is handling it.

Rock on!


grace said…
Good for you! You know I paint all the time. Always painting something. And the colors are at times very inconsequential depending on the lighting....which is what you're experiencing with that wheat color. sounds like you still ike it in each room....girl, if i lived closer i'd be grabbing a roller and helping you for sure!

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