My three favorite LSU fans

I was composing an E-mail to my friend Jimmy Clyde to let him know that he and his family could stay with us when they came in town for the first LSU home game and I remembered this picuture. What a great picture! You ever look at a photo and just start really thinking about how much you love the people in it? This picture is of my hot husband and best friend Dean, One of my very best friends in the world Karen Harvey and another one of my best friends Jimmy Clyde. This is from when they all went to the LSU and Florida game last year in Gainsville.

I love how worlds colide. Jimmy Clyde and I have been friends for over 20 years. He married his wife Donna about 10 years ago and her and I hit it off immediatley, now her and I have been friends for several years, (She's my NSYNC concert going buddy!)and us Turners and the Clydes share Adoption in common.I have learned SO much from her. So it's cool how Dean has become friends with Clyde and I with Donna.

Then there is Karen. Clyde, Dean and I all fell at the feet of this great chick. Back in the day, she was it! She still is! I used to joke that if Karen told Dean the sun was not going to rise the next day, he would believe it! She has taught me SO much about life, kids, love and everything.

So I just had to throw a Chessy love fest party with this picture and you got to be a part of it.


Anonymous said…
Thanks. I love you, too. Tell Hot Dean that the sun looks to be coming out. Geaux Tigas!!!

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