A good Rooster is hard to find

See this table in the middle of my living room? Right now it has two turtles on it but I want a big Rooster to put right in the middle. Not just any Rooster but the perfect Rooster. Colorful, tall, and stable. The problem is the really great ones are all very expensive. Like this one,

It's on E-bay for $42.00 and there is still 5 days of bidding left! That's a crazy price to me. Way too much.

This one is even more at $69.00 (I love the colors) with several days left

and this one is $64.00 with several days left.

What is up? Are these gold plated Roosters? Dang, who else out there is bidding on big Roosters? I want to meet these people cuz' I really thought I was the only person who STILL liked them.

So, with kids to feed, gas to buy and rent to pay, I had to settle for this cute yet not spectacular, wood Rooster. He cost me $19.99!


Amanda said…
He has character!
Joyce said…
I like him just fine. Plus he is more "unbreakable" compared to the others.
Anonymous said…
I was looking at the picture and i was going to say i liked the last one the best, then i read that that was the cheap one you got! lol.. but i really like it! i bet it looks good! I can't wait to come up and see the house! I aqm sure you've done some great stuff with it!
love you!

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