Ruth Bell Graham

"End of construction: thank you for your patience."

Ruth Bell Graham's
suggested epitaph for herself.

I read this and teared up. How true is that for ALL of us? She was a great lady.

I meant to post about her right after her death but time just got away from me.

Ruth, like her husband, was steady, they did their thing and didn't let hype, trend or waves in the church world get them off track. I think they were a great example of having your eye fixed on the prize. And I think that is why the secular world respected them too. They saw the real deal.

I read a great article about her in Christianity Today (the magazine her husband started by the way) and now I want to read a book about her or one she wrote. Any suggestions? Maybe the book club could read one.
Oh yea, another funny thing I read that she said; back in the 50's Billy Graham thought about running for President. She told him "I don't think the American people would elect a divorced evangelist to office, because if you run for office, you will be divorced!"


Anonymous said…
Hi there... I just read your post re: Ruth Graham Bell. I just finished reading a poetry/biography that she wrote with her daughter called "Footsteps of a Pilgrim" and would highly recommend it. All the best! Jen

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