Why no Link Love?

So there are blogs I read, religiously, they are in my side bar but they STILL have not given me any link love!

A few reasons why they don't (I think)

To important- some are just way too cool and important to link Everyone that links to them. I understand that and respect that.

Think they are too important- nah, I don't have any of these kinds in my side bar.

Don't know how to link- I don't think there are any of these either.

Don't think I am cool enough or worthy of their link love- this hurts, I need acceptance into the blog world.

Don't read my blog- these guys are just so missing out but they do exist in my side bar.

Don't love me like I love them- Rejection and insecurity is what I feel. Why don't they love my blog? What are they NOT getting here? I put up art work, cartoons, serious commentary, fun discussions, pictures of Dean, what else could they want?

I need therapy.


Anonymous said…
Hey...you're part of a beta test of churchweblogs:


If you want some linkage, get you and your other church members to link to that page. Then everyone can see what's happnin'. It has definitely increased community (and cross linking) for bloggers in our church.

BTW, kudos for the living colour CD. I always thought that CD was over characterized with "Cult of Personality". It's really a good record.
Anonymous said…
i show you link love! i love your blog, girl!
Joyce said…
Got you listed on my blog......I also tell others to check out your site, word of mouth is always good as well. Your site ....it is informative and I LOVE your new artwork on the header. Don't worry about the "big" blogs.....who cares if they put you out there or not. IF you need therapy ....call me, I don't charge. HA!
Cajun Tiger said…
Proud to say you were one of my first links =)
Yes, I read your blog. Yes, I know how to link (obviously!). And, no, I know I'm not half as cool as you are. My waxy spiked hair doesn't hold a candle to the rockin' afro you revealed here on good ole Wardrobe and the White Tree! As you will see upon careful exploration, the only "personal link" I have is Mike Cope's - a preacher with such a huge following that it is more of a church community than a personal blog. All my other links are "professional" of one sort or another, due to my blog being my professional website. I hope this helps ease the pain. If not, I happen to know some great therapists!

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