Perfect reading

The book club read this last month, I didn't. I couldn't get a copy. BUT how perfect is Gods timing? I am reading it now and this book is SO what I need to be reading at this exact time!

One of the most profound things said in this book to me is "half of growing spiritually is learning and the other half is unlearing". I guess that is why books like this and Barbarian Way speak so much to me. I wasn't raised in a fearless, lets slay the lion type environment so I have to unlearn all the fears I was taught. I am doing it though. Like the GREAT Switchfoot song 24 says..

.."I want to see miracles, see the world change,
I wrestled the angel for more then a name,
more then a feeling,
more then a cause,
I'm singing Spirit lift me up in arms with you."

AND Like my new favorite saying,

"It's better to burn out then fade away, lets burn out bright!"

Rock on friends!


Anonymous said…
amen sista!

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