The Miracle of Adoption

My friend Marsha and her husband have a beautiful baby boy thanks to the miracle of adoption. Marsha's husband is Spanish and she is a very white woman. They have been trying for years to have a baby with no success BUT then one day, about 5 months ago, they get a call from a pastor friend. He knows of a lady who is pregnant with a bi-racial baby and giving the baby up for adoption.... Now, baby Tillman is Marsha and Ken's son! He is so sweet and I swear he looks just like Marsha's husband Ken!

I think it is so cool how three of my friends have adopted babies!

Congratulations Marsha and Ken.

The very handsome Tillman

Marsha Me and Tillman ( I look like Pocahontas or something with my hair back like that!)


Anonymous said…
Oh Carole, he is beautiful!! what a beautiful boy!! and I love his name!! I've never heard of boy with that name. Also, you're hair looks great! you have that V at the top of your head like Fran Drescher! you look great!